Tutorial: Make a purse organizer

I've seen several organizer projects for purses, but I wanted something seriously simple, so I took an existing project and made it lazy.

First thing to decide, is how wide you want your organizer. My purse was 7" wide, so I went with 6.5", but it needs to be a bit wider, because once you fold it and add stuff to the pockets, it narrows. Next time I'll do something a bit wider, but for these purposes, this is for a 6.5" wide by 6" tall organizer.
1. A cotton print or other light fabric. I cut a 13" wide (2X 6.5" because the organizer is folded in half) strip by 44" long. Basically the full width of the fabric. Cut a heavy weight non-woven, fusible interfacing that is also 13"X44".
2. Iron the interfacing (I used Decor-Bond) to the wrong side of the fabric. 
3. Finish the edges either with an overlock stitch or zig zag. Then fold and press the fabric in half wrong sides together to give you a center line. 

4. Then flip the fabric (right side down) and fold each end into the middle to meet at the fold. Press.

5. Top stitch about 1/4" in from each end. and up each side

6. Turn over. 

7. Fold each end in so that it is 1" or so from the center line.

8. Pin in place.

9. Press and topstitch along the serged edge.

10. Find your center line and mark it from one end to the other.

11. Stitch the center line.

12. Mark a line 1/2 inch to either side of the center line. At this point, if you want each side to have more than two pockets, you can determine how large you want them. I decided to go with a total of 4 pockets, but you can make as many as you want to either side of the 3 lines. 

13. Stitch the two additional lines. This will give you room to fold the organizer in half. 

14. Fold in half again and match up the center lines. Then top stitch through all three lines and across the fold. You now have a two sided organizer with pockets

15. Bias tape the sides. 

16. Fill it with your phone and other items, fold it in half and put it in your purse.
See? Wasn't that easy?


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