Layaway Options on Website

As many of you know, Odd Bodkin has always been happy to accept payments over time for various custom items. We have now added it as a Payment Option on the website! The default is set to 4 monthly payments, but this can certainly be modified by either contacting us or including the information with your order.

You must include Credit Card Information, but you don't have to make your payments with a credit card. You can choose to send us a check or money order, pay with paypal/google, or come into the shop and pay cash (if you're local).

You can also choose to increase or decrease the number of payments and even the frequency of the payments. This is all done manually by us, so a delay of a day or two may happen though we will try to accomodate you.

Information to include if you're using this Payment Option with the default settings of 4 monthly payments:
  • Which payment method you wish. If no alternate is entered, your Credit Card on file will be charged. You can choose to send a check/money order or pay with paypal or google payments (we will have to invoice you each month to pay the latter).
  • Many online banking utilities will allow you to set up an automatic payment via check to send to private individuals. We encourage you to use this if paying by check as it takes the guess work out, avoids a trip to the post office and is free!
  • What day of the month is optimal for your Credit Card to be charged, or when you will be making your payment.
For those wishing to modify the payment plan, you can contact us directly via email at or by phone at 937-317-4420 or include the information with your order and we will contact you to confirm.
Include as much or as little of the following information that applies to your order:
  • How many payments would you like to make total?
  • How do you want to pay? Check/Money Order, Paypal/Google or Credit Card.
  • How frequently would you like to make payments? Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly?
  • What day of the week or month do you want to pay?
  • Want to pay half now and then the balance over several payments?
  • Want to vary payment methods depending on the month?
Be as detailed as you can be. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. Please be reasonable in your payment set up requests. We reserve the right to refuse an order of this type for any reason.

The main factors to remember are:
  • Your garments will be started once we have received 50% of the total due.
  • We do not charge you to finance your purchase.
  • Once we have started on your order, it can not be cancelled.
  • Defaulted payments will be charged to your Credit Card on file and a $20 service fee charged.
  • A Default Payment can include a bounced check or if we have not received your payment via your alternate method and we cannot contact you within 2 weeks.
  • Abandoned orders with a non-functioning credit card will be cancelled and the partially finished goods will become our property in full, for us to sell or dispose of as we choose. No refunds will be given on abandoned orders.
  • An order will be considered Abandoned if we cannot contact you and we have not received payments in over a month.
  • Once the final balance is paid, your order will be shipped!
  • Our standard turnaround time still applies. 4-8 weeks on made to order goods and 1-2 weeks for off the rack and in stock items & supplies.


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