New Broadcloth!

From broadcloth swatches
I haven't blogged about any of the new, exciting changes here at Odd Bodkin in quite some time and there are so many to choose from. The one I've chosen to talk about today, is our new and very fabulous poly/cotton broadcloth that will be the new standard for shirts, bloomers, chemises and skirts.

It was actually a very tough decision for me. I've been very pro 100% Cotton for garments that touch bare skin for many years now. In my mind, chemises, shirts and bloomers were supposed to be made of cotton because it would breath so much better. Well I was wrong. Cotton is a great fabric, but this new poly cotton blend broadcloth is amazing. It's got a lot of the benefits of a 100% cotton fabric plus many others.

My new poly cotton broadcloth is lightweight and breathable with an amazing drape and hand. It's got a soft, brushed feel and comes in a 60" width so I can make larger & taller garments. It is also less likely to shrink, stain, fade or wrinkle! The weave is very fine and tight, so even though it's lightweight, it's also opaque enough for men's shirts and ladies' undergarments like chemises and bloomers. Plus, it's less bulky under your other clothes than the 100% cotton broadcloth. The more you wash it, the softer and more pliable it gets.

Speaking of washing, just toss it in a cold or warm water wash, tumble dry on low until 90% dry, then hang up to finish knocking out the wrinkles. Easy peasy.
From broadcloth swatches
Oh, and did I mention how much I love sewing with this? It comes in so many great colors that I no longer have to compromise or carry different types of fabrics in order to carry the most popular colors. And I can make skirts for Extra Large and Extra Tall ladies. They no longer have to compromise or do without because 45" wide fabric just didn't cut it.

You may be saying, but Dev, you've had 60" wide poly cotton broadcloth before! Why the excitement now? Well I was excited about that fabric too, and loved it oodles, but the color selection wasn't there, and after all my compromises and such, the manufacturer discontinued the whole line. So I had to look for something similar. I'm glad I had to though, because while there are a great deal of similarities, I actually prefer the new stuff over the old. The differences aren't huge, but there is a definite improvement in quality and the tone of the colors.

Let me talk about the colors for a moment. So far I've ordered in white, wine, taupe, silver, hunter green, gold, navy, brown and black! The taupe is one of my new favorites and I think will appeal to you neutral fans. It looks particularly good with the new wine color, which had been discontinued for a while. I'm glad to have it back in because it's such a great standard. Silver is another exciting color for me. Our old silver (only available in standard sizes) is a bit lighter and "dirtier". This is a bit more charcoal and I've already made one for me so you can guess how much I like it.

The new navy is awesome. I previously carried two other navies, one for standard skirts which was a rich midnight blue and the custom skirt navy, which was very dark and blue/black. This one is a perfect blend of the two. It's definitely blue, but nice and dark too.

I could go on for ages, but I'll abstain for now. Want to know more? Drop me an email or leave a comment and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Remember, all of these colors are available in men & women's shirts, bloomers & skirts. And, of course, also available for other custom projects as well. Poke at me and let me know if you have an idea and need some input.

Coming soon will be custom sized harlequin skirts, finally! My plus sized & tall girls deserve to wear all the fun stuff too and I'm so glad they can at last.

Also, I'm clearing out the remains of my cottons and 45" wide poly/cotton blend fabrics. They are both excellent, high quality fabrics and I think you'll love them. Since they've been discontinued, you can pick up a great garment for an excellent price so watch our website and newsletters for details. I'll continue to carry white and cream muslin for chemises and men's shirts for those folks who need 100% cotton for their reenactment events.

Also, if you need a specific fabric/color for your garment, you can always provide it yourself. There's a small discount when you provide your own, and it is the BEST way to ensure your colors will match and you'll get exactly what you want.

Need a swatch so you can compare colors or get it approved by a costume coordinator? You can order them on our website now, even if it's one of the broadcloth colors. Just enter it in the spaces and get up to 5 for $5 including shipping.



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