Northgate Mall

I headed out to Northgate Mall on Saturday to check out the new Pirate's Treasure / Journeyman Leather store. Scott, the owner, has some of my items there on consignment as well as a number of other ren vendor's items.

Location Location Location!

Currently, the store is situation near Dillards, beside a tattoo shop and across from an obnoxious prom dress store called Deb's. The Rainbow Sherbet colored gowns in the window made me nauseous.

However, Scott just signed a deal with the mall for a new, larger location in the old Payless store outside of Sears. I think it will be a great fit.

The store itself looks great. James did an awesome job laying it out, putting up displays, organizing product and such, all without use of a computer. Hopefully that will change soon.


Let me just say that I have not even been in a mall for a couple years. I just do most of my shopping online anymore. Also, I don't drive, so there's that whole transportation issue. And a lack of cashola.

Anyways, it was an interesting experience. The first part of my day was spent doing paperwork and checking in new merchandise that I brought down with me. Then I went to eat, took a brief tour of the new shop and went back to the shop to see my entire wedding party (not my wedding actually, but I'm outfitting everyone).

Work?!? Isn't this my Day Off?

I honestly thought that I might get bored. I was so wrong. I was very busy socializing and doing consultations all afternoon. I didn't even get to go hang out with Manetra because I had people waiting for me. The shiatsu massage chairs mocked me cruelly from across the hall. I really really wanted to sit in one, but no love for me. Next time I will get in there earlier.

It was a fabulous, tiring, brain shattering day, and I'll be making regular visits if at all possible. Probably twice a month. I'll try to post my schedule for anyone interested in popping in to say hi. I may have to start making appointments instead of taking walk ins though.

I'll be bringing new product down with me with each visit, provided there's space for it. There's lots of stuff to buy besides my wonderful garb, though. You should pop in and check it out! Tell them Devlyn sent you.


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