This is mostly a test!

I've wanted to add a blog feature to compliment our website for quite sometime, but I wasn't sure which utility to use. I finally realized.... Google has a blogger. I LOVE Google apps. So it just made sense to add another one to my growing list of Google stuff I can't get enough of. 

What I want to do with this blog: 
  1. Talk about new products and fabrics in more detail with my clients so they can make better choices.
  2. Explain how to do stuff. Like measure yourself, or pick colors that look good on you, or how to make simple starter garb or halloween outfits.
  3. Talk about my fabulous assistants and shop life. What we are working on and developing for the future. I'd like to have conversations with my clients about what they want, what they find confusing, what topics they'd like me to write about and anything else that can help us change and grow in positive ways.
  4. Highlight custom projects, how I made them, things I learned during the process, what inspired me.
  5. Showcase our wonderful clients and develop a picture gallery. 
  6. Announce new sales or specials, closeouts and other developing news of import.

I'd also like to hear what my clients would like to see here, so let me know, either by email or by replying to my post. 


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