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Tutorial: Make a purse organizer

I've seen several organizer projects for purses, but I wanted something seriously simple, so I took an  existing project  and made it lazy. First thing to decide, is how wide you want your organizer. My purse was 7" wide, so I went with 6.5", but it needs to be a bit wider, because once you fold it and add stuff to the pockets, it narrows. Next time I'll do something a bit wider, but for these purposes, this is for a 6.5" wide by 6" tall organizer. 1. A cotton print or other light fabric. I cut a 13" wide (2X 6.5" because the organizer is folded in half) strip by 44" long. Basically the full width of the fabric. Cut a heavy weight non-woven, fusible interfacing that is also 13"X44". 2. Iron the interfacing (I used Decor-Bond) to the wrong side of the fabric.  3. Finish the edges either with an overlock stitch or zig zag. Then fold and press the fabric in half wrong sides together to give you a center line.  4.

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